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User access logging

Madrigal now logs each time a user accesses data from a Madrigal data file. This log file is stored in madroot/metadata/userdata/access_<YYYY>.log. Each line in the log file has five comma-separated fields:

  1. User name
  2. User email
  3. User affiliation
  4. Time stamp <YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS>
  5. Full path the Madrigal file accessed.


Bill Rideout,,MIT Haystack,2006-01-03 10-10-09,/opt/madrigal/experiments/2005/mlh/04sep05/mlh050904a.000.hdf5
Bill Rideout,,MIT Haystack,2006-01-03 10-10-10,/opt/madrigal/experiments/2005/mlh/04sep05/mlh050904b.000.hdf5
Bill Rideout,,MIT Haystack,2006-01-03 10-10-17,/opt/madrigal/experiments/2005/mlh/04sep05/mlh050904c.000.hdf5

When a user is accessing Madrigal through the web, they will be asked for this information the first time they use any Data Access page. No attempt is made to verify the data they enter. This data is then stored as a cookie, and information from that cookie is used for this logging.

All the latest releases of the remote API also require the caller to supply these additional fields.

The log file will automatically roll over once a year.

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